About Mike

Mike Nesselbeck

Hey, I'm Mike.

I am online marketing strategist that helps small business owners generate more revenue using online marketing.

From a young age, Mike’s been fascinated with how you can create website and then get people to visit, engage and buy services from someone on the internet. This lead him to launch and develop several websites before graduating 

Immediately after graduation, Mike began his digital marketing career where he worked for financial institutions, helping generate significant revenue growth. While also developing and launching another brand that sees over 600,000 site users a year.

After seeing the need for businesses to have a strong online presence in 2020 and beyond, he knew him and Kevin could add a lot of value to service businesses, using the methods that have helped others over the past 5 years.

As the Marketing Strategist and Co-founder, Mike’s strong analytical skills and client-focused approach will help you grow your service business through digital marketing.

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How I got started

Back in 2014, I worked for a financial technology startup, Voleo, playing a key role in the four person marketing team during my University internship. During my time there, I saw the power of online marketing to be able to reach new audiences, and this started my journey to learn how to generate revenue for businesses.

After graduating with a BCom. from the University of Victoria, I launched my first business, Business Idea Insight. An online coaching service to help the 9-5 worker launch a service side business. This is when I began to fall in love with digital marketing and it’s ability to reach new audiences, and ultimately drive sales. Now, the website receives 100,000 monthly visitors from organic search traffic alone.

After finding some success with generating website traffic to Business Idea Insight, generating leads and then converting them to customers, I saw the power of SEO and it’s ability to change a business. This is when I started to develop my processes and system into something that could be replicated for other small businesses. 

Growth of a website organic traffic - mike nesselbeck client using SEO
Organic SEO traffic growth for a client over 20 months

My strategies and approaches come from experience. These systems help small business owners like yourself, grow their revenue by growing your customer base using online marketing. 

SEO, online ads, social media, and PR can all help grow your business. By combining the right online marketing channels for your business with an effective strategy to convert potential customers into life-time buyers, online marketing can transform your business.

Work with Mike

As a small business owner, you probably know about the power of online marketing for increasing your businesses revenue and to connect with more people. 

I want to help you understand how you can combine each different online marketing channel with effective messaging to create more impact and drive more revenue. 

If you’re ready to generate more leads and sales using the right online marketing channels for your business, let’s chat.